ARTS ALIVE is a live-streamed interview series created and hosted by our exhibition curator, Alta Cain. Through a series of informal conversations with artists from a variety of creative backgrounds, many of whom we represent, Alta aims to explore questions related to everything from the meaning of art, to the meaning of life.

"I believe that artists are far more than the art they create or the tools they use - they are creative problem solvers who by their very desire to create, challenge the status quo. They create because some part of them, hidden or otherwise, imagines the world differently; they percieve a reality that is beyond what already exists. It is this perception, this imagination or sixth sense that I believe is at the root of our creativity - this drive to create - and the more we discuss and explore it together, the better we will be able to understand ourselves". - Alta Cain

UPCOMING INTERVIEW : Lawrence Woodford

March 30, 2019 AT 3pm EST

Join us March 30th for a live broadcasted interview with PRECIOUS artist, Lawrence Woodford. Lawrence will be discussing his artwork, his inspiration and our connection to the environment and our planet with exhibition curator, Alta Cain. The interview will be broadcast here, as well as through digital broadcast site, Twitch.tv. If you would like to participate in this conversation and join the live discussion, please visit Twitch.tv and create an account.

In the meantime, get a taste of what we will be discussing, by reading Lawrence's Artist of the Month interview, here.




Alta Cain is our exhibition curator, as well as an artist and digital broadcaster. She is interested in exploring the ways in which technology can be used to build creative communities, connecting artists and their art with an audience that is not limited to geographical space. With the potential for their art to seen and their voices heard, she is also interested in understanding the ways in which the role of the artist is shaped and changed within the digital age. She is also the writer and producer of the podcast - The Fear that Lurks - a montly podcast that explores the things we fear most, from myth to mass hysteria.

Her work can be found at:


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