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Artist of the Month: Deborah Vivas

May 23, 2017

Although she was born in Montreal, Deborah spent most of her early life in Caracas, Venezuela, a city that her parents still call home. While on an urban landscape field trip for architecture school in 2001, she stumbled upon a small jewellery school and decided to try a class. Deborah was fascinated, and two years later she was creating small sculptures out of copper, bronze, silver and gold, and had gained a solid understanding of gem-setting, as well as of alloying metals. What began as a hobby soon became her passion! Continue reading...

Artist of the Month: John Carnes

April 20, 2017

Introducing our featured artist of the month: John Carnes

John Carnes was born in Los Angeles in 1965, but soon after moved to Hawaii with his family and spent his early childhood skateboarding on the Big Island. He later moved back to California, and growing up he found himself compelled to create visual art as well as music, eventually choosing to pursue music full time. After a decade of late nights playing jazz, reggae and funk music in bars, John became disenchanted and felt it was time to return to his love for fine art. He discovered jewellery making, threw himself in completely, and from then on his appreciation for the materials and perfectionism of the various jewellery processes quickly developed! Continue reading...

Artist of the Month: Carlos Soto

February 23, 2017

Introducing our featured artist of the month: Carlos Soto of Soto Design

Carlos was born in Madrid, Spain. His father was a cabinet maker and found himself since very young he helped him out in the shop often spending whole summers there. Its this beginning that helped him to build the dexterity with tools that he has. Always building something was the foundation he needed to help me become the artist he is today. His family spent their weekend in the great outdoors allowing him to grow his hobby of collecting interesting rocks. Continue reading...

Artist of the Month: Dino Giannetti

January 30, 2017

Introducing our featured artist of the month:

At 18Karat, we are proud to have an amazing studio where we can create new and original pieces every day, but are also exceptionally proud of our gallery. Our store features rotating exhibitions of lovely pieces by Canadian artist from coast to coast. To highlight the amazing talent that we have in the gallery we will be featuring one of our artist every month. This month starting with our very own master goldsmith Dino Giannetti. At the age of 14 years old, Dino grew a passion for goldsmithing from working alongside his father, Tullio, who became a master goldsmith after emigrating from Italy in 1950. His passion became so apparent at the age of 16, that he went to Italy to apprenticed under another master goldsmith, Armando Ruggeri. With all the knowledge bestowed upon him by Armando, Dino returned to Canada to turn their home-based jewellery business into a store. Many people were skeptical at first in trusting a child with their jewellery requests, it didn't take long for their clients to understand that Dino’s talent was that of a true craftsman. Continue reading...

The 2016 Great White North Exhibition : IN FLUX

On Display : November 01 - December 17, 2016
18Karat Studio + Gallery presents it's annual national exhibition, The Great White North Exhibition, on display at the following venues.

INNOVATION - Celebrating the Metal Arts Guild of Canada's 70th Anniversary

On Display : May 05 - June 02, 2016 // Reception : May 06, 2016
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