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Artist of the Month (7): Jesper Jensen

August 22, 2017

Hand-carved titanium interlocking Fleur de Lis ring.

The Origin Story

Jesper was always destined to be a goldsmith, having grown up in his father’s goldsmithing studio in Denmark. After a 4 year full time apprenticeship under his father’s tutelage and working at Hans Hansen for a time, Jesper was accepted into a Unique Design program for journeymen goldsmiths at the Copenhagen College of Goldsmithing and Silversmithing. He graduated with highest honours and multiple awards for his graduation objects!

Aside from goldsmithing Jesper always loved fishing, hunting and the outdoors, which eventually drew him to Canada (where there was an awful lot more wilderness to explore)! Mountains, wildlife, hunting and fishing, what fun! After some years he was encouraged to set up an independent workshop in High River, Alberta, where he still works today.

Jesper made the batons for the 2004 PPCLI centennial ceremony - here he is with Adrienne Clarkson.

Q: What is your work process like? What materials and techniques do you favor?
A: Idea to tangible model (paper, clay, wood, wax, metal, foam, anything that will visualize the thought) to finished piece... often skipping the model part. I prefer to work directly with the metals, rather than casting. Somehow seems more authentic… hmnn. Platinum and titanium are my favourite metals, by themselves or combined. Damascus steel, timascus, silver, meteorite, gold etc.... The laser welder has opened up completely new ways of working with the different metals and new ways of thinking too!

Q: What makes your collection unique in the industry?
A: Design, choice of metals and combinations there of.

Tension set titanium ring with yellow diamonds.

V8 Ring - titanium.

Q: Where do you gather inspiration?
A: Everywhere and always!

Q: Who are your favorite designers?
A: Alan Scharff, Denmark. Ohh, and Lalique!

Jesper created two of the works pictured here using a unique material called timascus, which consists of two or more titanium alloys. It is corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, and lightweight!

Q: What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from working in the industry?
A: Learning seems infinite.

Q: What tips do you have for aspiring designers?
A: Tenacity!

Q: What is your motto? Or do you have a single phrase that defines the way you work?
A: Duck lips.

Jesper's dream job! A heart-theme platinum ring with a swivelling head that doubles as a pendant, with diamonds and a ruby cabochon!

When Jesper isn’t in the studio, he takes to the open road with his bike!

Thank you Jesper for your impressive work and joyful interview! For more examples of Jesper's work click here.