Every month we introduce you to one of our consignment artists. There is no salt and pepper, we reveal the rawest story on our artists' creative journey. How they met and fell in love with jewellery? What inspired them and how? What was the making process like? What are the tips on being a successfully established jewellery artist? Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on our latest collections. Go to INTERVIEW ARCHIVE to read more stories.

Artist of the Month (11): Christine Dwane

December 26, 2017

The Origin Story

Christine has always loved the bright lustre and cold touch of metal. As a child, she would run her fingers through coins to hear them clink together, and her mother’s jewellery box was of course hours of fun. By the time Christine was a young adult, she had a modest collection of her own - but the turning point was when she moved to Montreal, just around the corner from a lively pedestrian street with a bustling night life, street musicians, strolling people and overflowing restaurant terraces.

Earrings - 14k yellow gold, sterling silver and titanium

It was on this lively street where she met Josee, a woman who made and sold her own jewellery to the wandering city souls. Over time Christine got to know Josee, had the opportunity to join her in the studio, and meet some people in the industry. Among them was a teacher at the Ecole de Joaillerie et des Métiers d’Art de Montréal who convinced Christine to enroll! Christine was so overjoyed with the skills she had acquired in her first year that she was disappointed to have to stop and take a summer break! Since then she has never stopped loving learning her trade and wishes to keep learning to the end of her days.

Rings - 14k white and yellow gold, titanium, blue and red sapphires

New Ideas

“Many times design ideas come to me when I am in a state of extreme relaxation. They seem to just materialise and present themselves to me in a fully complete state. Other times I allow myself some time to play at the bench and improvise with materials, shapes and assembly. Their magic happens if you let it in, not forcing but just exploring form and composition. When the piece is finished there is a feeling of completion, that everything has fallen into place and all is right.”

A snapshot from Christine’s summer escape to the outdoors. “Ideas come to me when I am in a state of extreme relaxation.”

Ring: 18k yellow gold, titanium, tourmaline, diamonds.

Brooch: 14k palladium white gold, sapphire, ebony.

Titanium Specialist

“I love to work with titanium. It is a metal that can’t be worked using traditional techniques. I machine pieces, sculpting them into their stark sleek profiles. The grey satin finish is gentle to the eye but conveys strength, toughness and superior durability. I like how it is still unique on the market in the creative jewellery sector. A material with exotic and adventurous overtones, it is associated with the aerospace industry, and used to build airplanes and space ships. It is not just for show and status, it has a practical application in real life.”

Ring: titanium, 14k rose and white gold, diamonds

Bracelets: titanium, acrylic

Everyday Inspiration

“As a designer, I look for beauty everywhere I go. Walking down a street I watch cars go by, I observe buildings, the texture composition of landscaping… there is design in everything all around us, all the time. When something catches my eye, it is so satisfying just to rest my gaze in appreciation. Looking around you, noticing spaces and objects is key.”

Necklace - resin, 14k yellow gold (18k plated)

Bracelet: titanium, diamond

A big thank you to Christine for inspiring us with your design journey! For more examples of Christine's work click here.