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METAMORPHOSIS - Featured Artist : Caroline Rivière

January 8th, 2019

Caroline Rivière is a Quebec-based jewellery artist whose work is inspired by the landscape surrounding her.

Her collection, part of our ongoing exhibition 'Metamorphosis' reflects a transitioning landscape - merging the marine with the woodland - as a means of exploring the passage of time. Through her work, Caroline keeps a connection to her birthplace and her adolescents, represented by the sea - while at the same time exploring her present, her home in Quebec.

Caroline Rivière

Q: What is your origin story?

I grew up in New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific. Since childhood, I have been passionate about the marine world. It is this passion that pushed me to settle in Quebec in 2007 to study Marine Biology. A few years later, having become a mother, I began to wonder about my choice of career. In parallel, I discovered jewellery, which quickly became a new passion. From the beginning, I created jewellery related to the marine world mainly, and nature, more generally.

Koral Bracelet. Oxidized silver, 18k yellow gold, diamonds, quartz.
Photo by Anthony McLean

Q: How did you get started in the jewellery business?

When my first daughter was born, I felt the need to have a creative activity. It was quite by chance that I started making jewellery, and it quickly became an obsession. However, assembling existing pieces between them was not enough for me. I wanted to be able to make jewellery from A to Z. That's when I decided to join the École de Joaillerie de Montréal.

Melting gold.

Q: Tell us about your work process - what materials and processes do you favour?

I like working directly in the metal. Sawing, filing, welding, forming, etc. I find it fascinating to be able to create such beautiful things from almost nothing.

From paper to metal.

Q: What do you think makes your work unique?

I have already been told that I could very well make my jewellery by the technique of 3D printing. For my part, I think that it would not have the same impact. What makes my jewellery unique is that they are entirely handmade. This represents hours of sawing and milling (for texture). It is sometimes long and difficult, but it makes me proud to be able to offer to my customers unique jewels that I created entirely with my hands.

Work in progress.

Q: Where do you gather inspiration?

I love watching photos on Pinterest. But the majority of my inspirations come from my underwater dives.

Koral Bracelet. Oxidized silver, 18k yellow gold, diamonds, quartz.
Photo by John Kane Photography

Q: What artists have inspired you the most - who do you look up to?

I particularly like the work of Vina Rust. Her jewelry is delicate and simply sublime. They talk a lot to the scientist in me. I also find that the work of Quebec jewellers Matthieu Cheminée and Pierre-Yves Paquette is also inspiring. The refinement of their designs combined with their respective techniques gives a result simply beautiful.

Koral Hair Comb. Oxdized silver, 18k yellow gold, ametrine - part of the METAMORPHOSIS exhibition.
Photo by artist

Q: What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from working in the industry?

The biggest lesson I've learned is to create foremost for myself, not to please others. This is how I think, that one finds their identity as an artist.

Q: What tips do you have for aspiring designers?

To overcome his fears. Getting started as an artist can be very intimidating, but do not let your fears stop you. I just think that the more you create, the more ideas you have. And so, the more you want to create.

A big thank you to Caroline for inspiring us with their design journey! For more examples of Caroline's work click here. Caroline is part of the exhibition "METAMORPHOSIS: From Raw to Refined", click here to find out more.