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    A well loved engagement ring worn next to a wedding band, everyday, for decades.
    Years of friction caused the sides of the engagement ring to be worn paper thin.

  • 18Karat Studio+Gallery

    The first step is to remove the remaining worn sections, and create a new piece to be soldered in place.
    The new 'wall' begins as a simple curved piece of metal, before the details are added.

  • 18Karat Studio+Gallery

    The new profile sections is wired into place, ready to be soldered.

  • 18Karat Studio+Gallery

    The new plate is formed, details added to replicate the original setting.

  • 18Karat Studio+Gallery

    Before and after photos of the ring. Now with new, sturdy sides to last another lifetime.

Jewellery Repairs

Gems gets scratched, chains snap and gemstones loosen.

Our studio offers an array of expert jewellery repair services – from simple ring resizing to full restorations. Have a repair question? Bring in your item and ask our master goldsmith.

Repairs include but are not limited to: ring resizing, soldering, rhodium plating, retipping, reshanking, bead and pearl restringing, engraving, gem setting, new closures and clasps, cleaning and polishing.

Please note that 18Karat does repairs on all jewellery including gold of any karat, silver and most base metals. However, jewellery made from materials such as stainless steel, titanium tungsten, and ceramic are made using industrial processes and often require the same processes for any possible repairs - with very few exceptions most repairs in these materials are impossible.

At 18Karat, we work at a steady and dedicated pace to ensure each repair is done to the highest standard. For this reason we do not offer a same-day repair service, but cycle all repairs to be completed on either Tuedays or Fridays. We do not offer an express service and will not except a fee for priority treatment.

Watch Repairs

At 18Karat we can replace watch batteries, remove links and replace watch pins - in most cases while you wait.

We also offer an expert watch repair service for all watch brands, from manual styles to the digital. In the case of more complicated repairs, you will need to leave the watch with us while we evaluate the work needed and come up with an estimate. There is no charge for the evaluation, and you can decide once you have the estimate whether or not to proceed. Watch repairs requiring an estimate typically take 1 - 2 weeks, depending on the nature of the repair.

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