Buying Gold and Other Precious Metals

At 18Karat you will find a transparent and pressure-free environment - safe from corny "Sell your Gold!!" pitches.

18Karat purchases gold, platinum and silver (for silver we require a minimum of 100 grams total weight) based on a dollar per gram system often referred to as scrap gold purchasing. This dollar amount is calculated based on both the current precious metal value and the cost associated with refining.

Current gold prices are based on pure gold per ounce, whereas the majority of jewellery is in fact an alloy ranging from 75% pure gold, in the case of 18k, to 42% pure gold in the case of 10k gold. To create new jewellery from old gold, the metal must be refined - all alloys are removed and the pure gold is then re-alloyed as required. The labour and cost of service to extract the pure gold affects the gold's buying price - it would be incorrect to expect the total current rate when selling gold jewellery.

How to Sell your Gold

Whether you have a single piece or several (including broken pieces and gold-fillings,) we will test each one to determine the item's karat and then apply our per-gram calculation. There is no obligation to sell, and we are happy to allow you to take your time deciding (we reserve the right to recalculate our offer with any significant change in gold prices during the elapsed time).

If you are interested in selling your gold, we recommend setting up an appointment to ensure we are fully available to meet with you and test your jewellery. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. Click here for our contact page.

Reusing Gold

Jewellery carries with it a unique sense of attachment and sentiment.

If you are interested in reusing your gold, 18Karat can melt and forge simple bands and bangles; however we discourage the use of remelted gold for any complicated jewellery items.
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